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Harry's Dog Bakery


Clontibret, Co Monaghan

+353 87 6996609

+44 78 58818257

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At Harry's Dog Bakery we provide delicious slow baked natural treats; Honey and Oat Crunch, Peanut Butter Bones, Carrot and Brown Rice Crunchies, Apple and Ginger Snaps, Sweet Potato Munchies, Apple Crumble and Strawberry and Apple Crunch and always working on new flavours.

The treats were created to suit dogs in the same position as Harry-with sensitive stomachs, skin conditions, gluten intolerance and also dogs that need a low fat treat.

Only the finest ingredients are used, brown rice flour which provides fiber, fresh ginger is good for arthritis and stomach problems, wheatgrass builds blood and stimulates circulation and fresh carrot provides vitamin C.  

Each ingredient is carefully thought out to provide a healthy and nutritional treat.

To give a little back we also donate 5% of sales to a number of dog charities. 

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